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LockXLS adds copy protection features to your Excel workbook
. It makes formulas and VBA code unavailable to your customers, adds various registration options - generates hardware based Computer Code, creates Activation Code to unlock the workbook on your customer's PC, customizes the messages shown to customers during registration. The locked workbook may have a trial period and a splash screen. Also it will be converted to an application, which runs on Excel but has no other external dependencies making it easy to distribute.

 There is no need for you to write a code which creates hardware dependent Computer Codes, registration interface and other features needed for distribution. All of them are provided by LockXLS, you should only select only the needed options in the project and enter your own messages.

 All Excel's features are supported in locked file. You need not redesign your file or change macros. Our primary goal is to make locked files work in same way as usual Excel documents.

 LockXLS creates Windows Installer setup package (MSI) for your product. You can add a License Agreement to this package, create shortcuts to your files on user's desktop and in the Start | All Programs menu. With the MSI package your product looks professional and you should not purchase an application to create setup packages.

LockXLS has all that you need to deploy your product to customers!

In this Help Library you will find all information about using our software. Here we list topics, which explains the most recently used features of the LockXLS:

Protection Options topic describes which protection options you can apply to your files.

Getting Started topic - set of the sample projects, which describe LockXLS features and options step by step.

Also, please check How to ... topic. It was created by a questions from our customers. Possible you will find answers to your questions in this topic.

Deployment Wizard which creates MSI (Windows Installer) setup packages is described in the Create Setup file for your project topic.

LockXLS comes with several sample projects. Somes of them are installed with LockXLS, another ones can be downloaded from our website www.LockXLS.com. Complete information about sample LockXLS projects is described in the Sample Projects topic.

If you need a feature which is not present in our software, please inform us about it and we will add it in the upcoming release. Also, if you have any questions, please, contact us: support@SpreadsheetTools.com