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Create setup file for your product.

LockXLS creates Windows Installer files (MSI) for your project. You can also add external files to setup - your help file, additional components, databases, etc. As a result you get setup package which can be installed on customer's PC like any other application. You can create shortcuts to installed files on customer's desktop and All Programs menu. Your application is present in the Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs list, so it can be removed in the standard way.

Also, you can add LockXLS Runtime Module to setup application. LockXLS Runtime will be automatically installed on the customer's PC and customer should not worry about installing this module.

Setup file is created by Deployment Wizard. You can open it on the Project tab on the ribbon using Setup Settings ... command.

Note: This command is available only if Create MSI package option is checked.

Deployment Wizard contains all information needed to build setup package:

When all settings are entered, Build command creates MSI file.

Note: MSI file already contains all files which you've added to setup project. You should not add files to setup package after it is created.

Sample Project with setup package topic contains step-by-step instruction on how to create setup package for a product.

Important: Update your files with a newer version - this topic describes what should be changed in the setup package when you are releasing new version of your product.